Asbestos Fundamentals Course

Jorge Frases is the author of the "Asbestos Fundamentals" course offered in partnership with SunCam, Inc., a company offering online training for Professional Engineers (PE). The course teaches important asbestos basics and is accepted by all state engineering boards. Four Professional Development Hours (PDH) or four-tenths Continuing Educations Units (CEU) are credited upon completion.

Course Description

The student will learn the asbestos uses in construction, how it becomes dangerous to humans and the requirements of the United States (US) law. Also, there will be contrasting remarks about green philosophy.

Author's Biography

Jorge Frases has been a professional engineer in the Miami, Florida area for over 30 years, working for both, government and private industry. His areas of expertise include asbestos, highways, and structures. He received his B.S. degree in Civil Engineering Technology at Florida International University and has six credits toward a Master in Public Administration from Florida State University. For additional information about the author, go to the Biography Page.

To view the course for free, visit It is found under the Environmental Engineering category, course No. 180.